For more than 30 years, Frank Jay & Associates has been the world's leading provider of retained executive search in the Airline, Aviation and Aerospace industries.


  • 98% client satisfaction rate.

  • 97% of clients say they would use Frank Jay & Associates again for another critical search.

  • Advised more than 260 companies over more than 30 years, including airlines, private & business aviation organizations, MRO's, aircraft and component manufacturers (OEMs), airports, and all types of service providers.

  • A reputation for outstanding service, accountability and a truly collaborative partnership with our clients.

  • A 95% success ratio (searches retained to candidates hired) consistently achieved over more than 30 years, compared to an industry average of 65%.

  • Successful completion of 90% of searches in less than 100 days.

  • 96% Stick Rate - nearly all of our candidates stay for the long haul, and when they don't, we replace them at no additional charge.

  • Completion of more than 1,000 retained executive search engagements, with a total salary base of more than $155 million.


Frank Jay & Associates provides the highest level of retained executive search and recruitment services to companies throughout the globe that are part of, touch on, or are involved with the Airline, Aviation, and Aerospace industries. We have been involved in the formation and strengthening of the management teams of many leading companies throughout these industries.


Frank Jay & Associates is the world's premier Airline, Aviation and Aerospace related executive search and recruitment firm.  We are devoted to doing the right thing - for our clients, our candidates, and the Airline, Aviation and Aerospace community as a whole.


Frank Jay & Associates has built its more than 30 years of service on an underlying set of values that focus on relationships and reputation.  We treat our clients as our friends and family, with a devotion to helping them maximize their futures - not simply maintain their present.  We treat our candidates as we would want to be treated.  We are devoted to building long-term relationships that withstand the ups and downs of the Airline, Aviation and Aerospace industries.  We recognize that those relationships have led to the reputation we nurture and cherish - one of putting the candidates and companies we serve, as well as the broader Airline, Aviation and Aerospace industries, ahead of our own interests.

Running an airline is like having a baby: fun to conceive, but hell to deliver.
— C.E. Woolman, principal founder, Delta Air Lines