Management Changes At Mesa

Mesa Airlines has announced the retirement of Paul Foley. Paul first served as the Chief Operating Officer at Mesa for eight years from 2008 through 2016. After a brief departure in 2016 to pursue opportunities on the east coast, Paul agreed to temporarily return to Mesa as Executive Vice President overseeing recruiting and training. Paul’s 44 years of airline management experience and proven track record contributed to Mesa’s ability to successfully recruit over 475 pilots in the past year, despite a shrinking pool of qualified candidates. Mesa is very grateful that Paul was willing to come back to help  this past year.

Tyler Campbell, previously Vice President of Safety and Security, will now assume the role of Vice President of Training.  Tyler has been with Mesa since 2006, taking on new roles and increasing responsibility throughout the years.  He graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Management Technology from Arizona State University, and he has presided over the Safety Department for six years.

In addition to these changes, Jeff Roberts was welcomed to Mesa.  Jeff has been in the aviation industry for 30 plus years, and has held executive positions including President and CEO of aircraft operators and support organizations.  Jeff will serve as an advisor and consultant, reporting directly to Mike Lotz (President & CFO) and Jonathan Ornstein (Chairman & CEO).  He will work closely with the flight operations and training departments.