Changes To Qantas Group Executive Team

The Qantas Group has announced a reorganization of its executive leadership team.

The changes among the direct reports to Alan Joyce are:

  • Jon Scriven (Group Executive of People and Culture) will retire after eight-and-a-half years at Qantas. Lesley Grant, currently CEO of Qantas Loyalty, will step into this role.
  • Jayne Hrdlicka will move from CEO of Jetstar Group to become CEO of Qantas Loyalty and Digital Ventures, which will now also include innovation.
  • Gareth Evans will move from CEO of Qantas International to become CEO of Jetstar Group.
  • Alison Webster, who is currently Executive Manager of Freight, Catering & Airports, will become CEO of Qantas International.
  • Olivia Wirth will take on responsibility for customer and digital strategy, in a new role of Chief Customer Officer. This is in addition to her existing responsibilities for Brand, Marketing and Corporate Affairs.
  • Andrew Finch will take on the responsibility for Office of the CEO in additional to his current responsibilities as General Counsel and Company Secretary.
  • Andrew David, currently CEO of Qantas Domestic, will also assume responsibility for Qantas Freight, Catering and Airports.